TCEE Mission Statement

At TCEE – we are here to help… Image: Wikimedia Commons
Need help preparing for your ICE Initial Professional Development (IPD) or Professional Review?

The Civil Engineering Exam (TCEE) is here to help you…

Our mission is to help you become a Professionally Qualified Engineer – whether that is an Incorporated or Chartered Civil Engineer with the Institution of Civil Engineers.

On this website, you will find information, guidance and support to help you right from the start of your career – from your Initial Professional Development period (whether you are on a company approved training agreement or not), right up to the point where you are completing your application with the ICE and about to sit your Professional Review Interview and Written Exercise Exam.

At TCEE website, we aim to provide you with the best INDEPENDENT ADVICE to help you succeed.  We cannot guarantee you success, as ultimately that is down to yourself and your own experiences.  Nevertheless, TCEE will aim to help you along on this journey.

For those who are considering to embark on a Structural Engineering route towards Professional Qualification with the Institution of Structural Engineers, please visit our sister site – “The Structural Exam” for more information.

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