ICE Exam Guidance Pack

The Civil Engineering Exam's ICE Professional Review Exam Guidance Pack contains 134 pages of high quality advice on how to properly prepare for your ICE Professional Review and maximise your chances of success, whether it is for Incorporated Engineer or Chartered Engineer grades of membership.

Our latest version (Revision 2.0) was written in November 2020.

TCEE Exam Guidance Pack

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About the Authors

The ICE Exam Guidance Pack is co-written by Jonathan Han, Tim Lai, Mike Rogers and Peter Hallsworth, each bringing their unique perspective and deeply insightful thoughts and anecdotes to the guidance pack. You can read more about us here.

Put together, they have represented the entire spectrum of the Professional Review process – Candidate, Delegated Engineer, Supervising Civil Engineer, Sponsor, Reviewer, and Standards Panel Member. There can hardly be a better combination of authors to help you through this difficult hurdle in your career.

What does it include?

The Civil Engineering Exam Exam Guidance Pack
The TCEE ICE Professional Review Exam Guidance Pack

This 139-page e-book contains in-depth guidance on every aspect of preparing for your ICE review, whether it is to become an Incorporated Engineer or a Chartered Engineer. It will help you to:

  • Understand common, and not-so-common, mistakes which have caused candidates to fail
  • Get anecdotes and precious tips straight from two of ICE's top reviewers, Mike Rogers and Peter Hallsworth
  • Find appropriate sponsors and fill in the questionnaires
  • Understand some typical question formats, including several pages of example questions from our authors who are also Reviewers
  • Several pages of ‘competency questions' drafted by a Supervising Civil Engineer to help you assess your suitability for Professional Review
  • Draft your Application Form precis
  • Prepare a suitable timetable for your Professional Review
  • Write your Professional Report and presentation slides
  • Prepare mindmaps and suitable reference material for the Written Exercise, including typical Written Exercise questions
  • Re-sit advice for those who have previously failed the ICE Review

Our appendix also contains download links to the electronic files which we have made ourselves, and recommend you use to prepare for your Review.

The files include:

  • Attribute (Self-Assessment) Marking Matrix Template
  • Attribute Preparation Template
  • Professional Review Preparation Programme generator
  • CPD Tracker which automatically generates charts to include in your Professional Report

(Note: The files are written in Microsoft Word and Excel (Windows versions) and use macros (file extension .XLSM). The files may not be compatible on Office for Mac or other operating systems.)

This guide will give you all the information you will need to help make your preparations as easy as possible, so you can spend time focussing on the most important aspects of the review, the questions and answers based on your career-to-date.

To download a sample extract, please visit this page.

PLEASE NOTE: The guidance in this booklet does not attempt to teach you how to become a Civil Engineer!  There is no substitute for hard-won, real-world knowledge and experience, but the tips and advice we provide can help you to demonstrate your abilities effectively, and allow you to reach your full potential in your Professional Report, presentation, interview and written exercise on the Professional Review day.

How much does it cost?

The TCEE ICE Professional Review Guidance Pack is on sale for just £60, which represents only a small portion of the ICE exam fees, but aims to save you plenty of time in your review preparations and also help you avoid common mistakes which cause failure. (You definitely do not want to take the ICE Review more times than you need!)

TCEE Exam Guidance Pack

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What have others said about our book?

This book is regularly recommended to us by graduates

Membership Development Officer, ICE.

There is a lot of good details in there. Fantastic for my preparations!

Hong Kong candidate

I find the guidance pack really useful and well organized. Thank you!

Hong Kong candidate

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