The professional report submitted as part of your application to become a chartered member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) is the document that will outline your experience and demonstrate that you have the required skills, knowledge, and experience.

The professional review report is submitted along with your CV and continuing professional development (CPD) records to the ICE and it is your report that will form the basis for your interview.

ICE Professional Review

The ICE professional review is the final stage in your journey to achieving chartership with the ICE. And the professional review report is an important document for this process.

The questions you are asked in your interview will be based on the experience you have demonstrated in your report and as such an important document, TCEE are launching a new service to help you make the best preparation possible.

TCEE Professional Report Review Service

The TCEE professional report review service offers expert advice on preparing your professional review report. As part of this service you will receive:

  • An initial review of your ICE Professional Review Report with comments added to help you improve your report and understand weaker areas.
  • An MS Teams call to provide individualised feedback and guidance.
  • A second review of your ICE Professional Review Report to help you understand how your report has improved and any further weaknesses.

The report review will cover:

  • structure of the report
  • the content and flow of the writing
  • appendices
  • comments on the CV and CPD records

How much does it cost?

The TCEE Professional Report review service is currently priced at £375.

How do I book a Professional Report Review?

After completing your transaction via the link above, you will be taken to our booking form where you can fill in your contact details, Professional Review location and date, and indicate review date preferences. Please submit your full professional report as a PDF.

After filling in the booking form, we will contact you within 2-3 working days to arrange a time for your mock review. This will typically be 2-4 weeks after you make initial contact with us. If we cannot schedule you in, we will refund you the full amount of your fee.

We must receive your CV, Professional Report and CPD records at least 7 days prior to your mock review.