Our single biggest advice for success at your ICE Professional Review is to do a mock review. For many candidates this is a vital step in the preparation process, and it will give you confidence to perform at your best on your big day. 

We do not want anyone to fail their Professional Review.

By popular demand, we are now offering a Mock ICE Review as a service to you!

Why do a Mock ICE Review with us?

We aim to make you become a successful candidate for your ICE review. Giving you confidence, interview practice, writing practice and advice on where we believe you can improve, whatever level you are working at right now.

You will:

  • Receive an indicative result – Clear Pass; Marginal Pass; Marginal Fail; Clear Fail.
  • Receive feedback and suggestions for improvement from one of the ICE's leading reviewers.
  • Receive 2 Written Exercise questions specific to you, and we will mark these at no extra cost.
  • Gain confidence in the style of questioning at your intended grade of membership (CEng MICE, IEng MICE or EngTech MICE.)
  • Get a feel for which Attributes you should focus on in the final preparations for your real Review.
  • If we believe you are likely to fail, we will advise on whether to defer your application.

We conduct our reviews over Zoom or MS Teams so there no additional hassle or time wasted through travelling. 

Our mock reviews are conducted by one of Mike Rogers or Tim Lai. Both are current CEng Reviewers and have helped hundreds of graduates attain their coveted Chartered Engineer status.

We recommend applying for a Mock ICE Review around 6-12 weeks before your actual Review date. (See here for the current dates) This gives you enough time to write a good first draft of your report and do the Mock Review about 2 months ahead of your real review. You will have sufficient time to make changes to your Report and do final bits of reading ahead of your final submission.

Don't worry if you are less than 6 weeks away from your review though, you can still contact us and we'll advise on what we can offer with the time available.

What happens in your Mock ICE Review?

Before your Mock ICE Review:

  • We scrutinise your CV, Professional Report and CPD records.
  • We make notes on how well you have satisfied the 9 Attributes based on your submission.

During the video call, your Mock ICE Review will consist of:

  • You delivering a 15 minute presentation.
  • 45-60 minutes of Questions and Answers in the style of the intended grade of membership. (CEng, IEng, EngTech)
  • 15 minutes feedback on your presentation, CV, Professional Report and CPD.

After the video call you will receive:

  • Your CV, Professional Report and CPD with our annotations marked up.
  • 2 Written Exercise questions specific to you. You can do one or both questions and we will mark them and provide feedback to you at no extra cost.
  • A feedback form which tells you how you performed against the assessed Attributes, and any other general comments we have.
  • Our Attributes Preparation Template to help you further develop your answers
  • An indicative result. This will be one of: Clear pass; Marginal pass; Marginal fail; Clear fail.
  • If our assessment is a Marginal Pass, we will advise you on what Attribute(s) you should focus on leading up to your Professional Review.
  • If our assessment results in a Marginal Fail or Clear Fail, you may receive additional feedback on whether we believe you should defer your Professional Review until the following session.
  • A recording of your Mock Review (please indicate whether you require this when booking your Mock Review)

How much does it cost?

Our Mock ICE Review is priced at £375 for non-subscribers, and £340 for our “IPD & Exam” subscribers. (Subscribers should use their private payment page after logging in).

How do I book a Mock ICE Review?

After completing your Paypal transaction, you will be taken to our booking form where you can fill in your contact details, Professional Review location and date, and indicate your Mock ICE Review date preferences. If you have a 2 page CV in .pdf, .doc or .docx format we recommend uploading this too so can foresee any problematic areas prior to your Professional Report arriving.

After filling in the booking form, we will contact you within 2-3 working days to arrange a time for your mock review. This will typically be 2-4 weeks after you make initial contact with us. If we cannot schedule you in, we will refund you the full amount of your fee.

We must receive your CV, Professional Report and CPD records at least 7 days prior to your mock review.

Do you also do interviews for other institutions?

Yes! This mock interview format is suitable for candidates doing IStructE, IMechE, IET, CIBSE, CIHT or similar engineering institutions centred around the built environment. We have slightly different marksheets depending on the Institution you are taking but you will still receive the same quality of feedback. Our reviewers are trained in multiple institutions and feel free to get in touch with us first if you want to discuss your situation before booking us. Please note that only ICE requires the 2 hour Written Exercise.

Any further information?

Feel free to contact us for any queries relating to the Mock ICE Review. We will be glad to help you!


  1. Hello TCEE Team,
    I intend to submit my application in October. Will you be able to schedule a mock ICE Review for me at the end of this month?
    S Nwaubani

    • Hello Sunday,

      If you would like to schedule a mock review please contact us via email and we can check the availability of our consultants.



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