If you are a recent Graduate Civil Engineer, the ‘foundations' have only just been poured, and journey has only just started.

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Graduating is only the start to a fulfilling, satisfying and rewarding career…Source: Max Pixel

Initial Professional Development (IPD) is the transformation that all budding civil engineering graduates must demonstrate before becoming Professionally Qualified.

We use like to use a Greek temple analogy to explain this transformation. The temple contains seven pillars, one for each ICE Attribute that must be correctly built from the foundation (your formal education).

In order for the roof to be erected, you need to have built all seven pillars. Completion of the temple is the sign of a Professionally Qualified Civil Engineer.

That is where The Civil Engineering Exam comes in, as we aim to provide you sound independent advice help you build your temple.

Even if you are an experienced civil engineer and seeking to become Professionally Qualified, we can help you on your journey too.

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