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The Civil Engineering Exam website is laid out in a manner intended for easy navigation.
You can use the navigation side menu on the right to view the main pages within the website.  You should study all these carefully during your IPD and in preparation of the Exam.


The Menu Bar provides a dropdown list of our services, media content and quick links to important sections of guidance.

The pages should help you through the application, interview and the exam phases of the Professionally Qualified Engineer Application; from IPD to Professional Review (for IEng or CEng).

The website is in continuous development where we aim to upload content, videos and content progressively during each season to help you steer towards sitting the exam.

If you want to suggest an improvement; please feel free to get in touch 


Paid Subscription and Services

Numerous items on the website are for free viewing under our Free Subscription Option. <Insert Hyperlink to Sub Menu Website Page>

However; for thorough detail and guidance to help you achieve your ambitions, we offer Premium IPD and Exam Membership Options for an annual subscription in order to maintain and continually develop the website and its content for future generations.

In addition, we have liaised with Experienced Expert Reviewers to provide tailored services and products at additional cost to help you cross the line.