ICE Professional Reports almost due!

Hello to all of our ICE followers! As February attempts to bring chaotic weather to the British Isles, ICE Professional Review candidates can be grateful that the inventors of the Gregorian Calendar put in a leap day this year to buy extra writing time for your report.

In case you weren't already aware, you need to submit your Professional Report 15 working days before your scheduled review date whenever that may be. Here's a little table to assist your planning.

Review Date (Spring 2016) Latest report submission
23rd March 2nd March
24th March 3rd March
4th April 10th March
5th April 11th March
6th April 14th March
7th April 15th March
8th April 16th March
11th April 17th March
12th April 18th March
13th April 21st March
14th April 22nd March
15th April 23rd March

Prior to submitting you will need to have your lead sponsor review, scrutinise and sign it. Out of courtesy to your sponsor you should also plan for an extra 2 weeks for comments and amendments.

Enjoy your review preparations!