The IPD Process

The current IPD Process to being Professionally Qualified (for those on a Company Approved Training Scheme – CATS) can be summarised in the image below.

ICE IPD Professional Review Process TCEE

The IPD and Professional Review Process – from University right towards Professional Qualification

In early 2015, the ICE announced that all new ICE Trainees undergoing IPD from Spring 2015 will be measured throughout their training under the Attributes System.

All recording of evidence, CPD and IPD Reports has also moved to an all-electronic system located in your member profile at, which provides the ICE the opportunity to flag up accounts with low activity or to send automatic reminders to Mentors, SCEs, DEs and Trainees where insufficient activity occurs.


Note: The ICE IPD ONLINE V2 System will provide a massively updated IPD Online experience from Spring 2017 – TCEE will update you with more details when it arrives.

Note + 1: Until December 2017 you can still use the paper-based Development Objectives format for Trainees training (insert link to ICE paper based form)(insert link to ICE3144).

To summarise- for those on a CATS or undertaking a Career Appraisal Route to be Professionally Qualified – IPD involves:

CATS Route:

Career Appraisal Route:

Liverpool Waterfront Han

A Motivating Picture to get you going on your journey towards Professional Qualification with the ICE. Inspiring Image of the UNESCO World Hertitage Site – Albert Docks, Liverpool (Han)

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