Development Objectives

The Previous IPD Method (Pre-2015)

Prior to the latest IPD Process as described previously, the traditional paper-based Development Objectives System had been in use.

The new ICE Attributes System is a significant change from the previous Development Objectives method, which many Mentors, SCEs, DEs and Senior Staff at companies would have been accustomed to. The Development Objectives were based on the UK-SPEC guidelines provided by the Engineering Council and are not to be used for any New ICE Trainees embarking on the IPD Process/CATS from Spring 2015.  Those that are currently on the previous Development Objectives system have until March 2018 to complete their Company Approved Training Scheme – otherwise they will have revert to the latest ICE Attributes System.

Please note that ICE Attributes were never new.  They had been around during the previous Development Objectives era, but had had been used to assess candidates IN ADDITION to the Development Objectives (particularly during the ICE Professional Review).  The new system simply aligns the whole IPD Process to use the ICE Attributes system throughout the whole IPD and Professional Review Process.

More information on the ICE Attributes System and its 9 Attributes can be found here.

NOTE:  TCEE Editorial Opinion of the new IPD method:

We at The Civil Engineering Exam feel this is a sensible move for a few reasons:

Having to put candidates through a series of ICE Development Objectives for 4 years and then doing their final assessment on a slightly different criteria marksheet seemed misaligned – hence the streamlining of Development Objectives.  Most people type up their evidences anyway, so copying and pasting into your profile takes nearly no effort.

The automatic reminders to your Supervising Civil Engineers or the red-flagging of accounts should either speed up the IPD process or make it known to managers that some people are not performing to the correct professional developments standard (See the ICE Code of Conduct!)

The Professional Experience report required for submission is one document which will be more coherent than 2 separate items. The overall word count is a little less than before, so there is a bit less typing to do.

If you are still using the Development Objectives system, then you can still use these until 28th March 2018, but it is worthwhile to switch over to the Attributes system if you have documented less than 2 years of experience.
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