IPD Report Submission and Quarterly Review

Following the completion of your CPD for the period, ICE Attributes Document and ICE IPD Report, submit it to your DE/SCE for their review.


Keep on top of your meetings with your DE or SCE and learn from those reviews – jot down notes where required to improve yourself  Source

Typically, they will aim to have a quick discussion with yourself and provide you with constructive feedback on your IPD Report and Attributes for the period.  Ensure that you make notes to improve on any unnecessary shortcomings and to develop yourself further.

During each review period (including your ICE3144a Annual ICE Review) – you will need to demonstrate to your DE/SCE that you have thoroughly understood the contents of the report; e.g. any engineering knowledge and its application.  You need to present any questions in a logical manner with the use of any engineering (or other) jargon where necessary.

Remember – your DE/SCE is a Professionally Qualified Engineer, so there is no need to use layman terms.

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