IPD Report Methodology

The IPD Report should showcase the best of your work in the past three months to your DE/SCE.  As you start your career in your first permanent position since graduation; your first few IPD Reports will obviously not win literature awards for format; grammar; knowledge and experiences gained.

However, your IPD Reports' content and presentation will improve over time – through experience, the ICE and our guidance (as well as your DE/SCE – at the end of the day, your DE/SCE will be the ones to decide whether you have satisfied all the ICE Attributes to an Ability Achievement Level and sign your ICE CATS as complete).

Before you make a start with your IPD Report, it is important to plan what you will write in your report – particularly with the method below, where you will be able to “hit two birds with one stone” in terms of documenting progress for your ICE IPD.

Firstly, use the Attribute Marking ICE Document/or other medium to outline what ICE Attributes you think you have managed to target and achieve in the quarterly period.

TCEE ICE Attributes Marking Matrix

The TCEE Attributes Marking Matrix can be used to link your roles and responsibilities with the ICE Attributes – particularly helpful for IPD or the Review

TCEE Attributes Marking Matrix

Keep your outline to concise bullet points.

After outlining your ICE Attributes in the Attributes Marking Matrix, you will have accomplished one of the few things that you are required to complete without even knowing it – Keeping your ICE Attributes Documentation up to date.  Simply copy and paste your outline into your ICE Attributes Document/IPD Online and you will now have this up to date.

You also now have the foundations for your draft IPD Report plan.  Simply copy and paste this into your IPD Report template and simply expand on it.

Make sure that you target a few select ICE Attributes in each IPD Report  Otherwise you are spreading yourself too thin.  Remember – it is better to focus on a couple of ICE Attributes at a time and to get these to a very high level of achievement in each IPD Report.  This is a much better approach rather than focussing on all of the ICE Attributes and not getting any recognition of achievement at all due to the lack of depth in a word restricted IPD Report.

Make the most of your experiences and tailor your experiences on projects towards the ICE Attributes to make progress and  document them well in the IPD Report to fully demonstrate those experiences.

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